Fire Monkey High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW-DNA) extraction kit

In a rapid and user-­friendly procedure, using standard laboratory equipment Fire Monkey can, within one hour, extract and purify long ­fragments of DNA from mammalian and bacterial cell samples, for short- or long-read DNA sequencing.

Fire Monkey generates average DNA fragment lengths of between 100kb – 130kb and through its in-built size selection capability, significantly reduces the amount of small DNA fragments shorter than 10kb in the final product. This combination, where significant amounts of the DNA fragments have intact lengths of over 165,000 base pairs and up to several hundred thousand base pairs in length, combined with the absence of most of the smaller DNA fragments, massively improves the eventual long­-read sequencing of the sample.

Other key features:

  • If RNA is present in the sample, it will also be extracted. This allows the researcher to retain all genetic information (DNA+RNA) derived from small quantities of precious samples.
  • Due to Fire Monkey’s in-built size­ exclusion aspect very few fragments shorter than 10kb will be extracted. As a result, post extraction size ­exclusion steps that are time­ consuming and could break long DNA fragments are not needed. This leads to more user-friendly sequencing protocols and better­ quality sequencing results.
  • The Fire Monkey and Fire Flower extracts are also suitable for applications other than long­-read sequencing such as PCR and short-read sequencing.

10 columns Kit

For Research Use Only. Not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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