01 Dec, 2016
Moorelodge Biotech Ventures Becomes RevoluGen

Moorelodge Biotech Ventures Ltd. (MBV), today announces that the Company has changed its name to RevoluGen Ltd., effective immediately. 

The renaming is part of a restructuring and rebranding process, which began earlier this year with the appointment of Pieter Mulier as CEO.  Pieter has since brought in the experience of Dr Erling Refsum, Ann Simon PhD and Simon Davenport QC. The rebrand will also see the renaming of the Company’s Purispin technology to Fire Monkey. 

Pieter Haitsma Mulier, CEO of RevoluGen commented “The rebranding and renaming of Moorelodge Biotech Ventures to RevoluGen marks the start of the Company’s evolution from an R&D-focused organisation to an organisation focused on commercialisation. The next stage will be a fundamental corporate and shareholder restructuring to strengthen RevoluGen’s commercial position as we work towards commercialising our genomic tools and technologies to advance applications in the field of DNA sequencing and PCR.”

MBV was founded in 1998 by serial entrepreneur Stephen John Minter PhD who also founded Tepnel Life Sciences in 1990. In 1992 shares in Tepnel life Sciences were made available on the London Stock Exchange and Tepnel Life Sciences was sold to GenProbe Corporation in 2010 for $155 million. He remains a Board member and major shareholder in RevoluGen.