01 Sep, 2020
Revolugen Monkey/Fire Flower Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification Product Available in 50 Column Format

The UK genomic tools developer, RevoluGen Ltd. (‘Revolugen or the Company), today announces that a 50 spin column version of its Fire Monkey/Fire Flower High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW-DNA) extraction and purification product, is now available.

The new 50 column kit, manufactured by its partner Cytiva at its UK manufacturing site, is available through its global distribution partner, the MilliporeSigma division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany – HERE. The 10 column format remains available for direct purchase online at www.revolugen.com.

The Fire Monkey/Fire Flower kit uses spin columns to both extract HMW-DNA with an average length of 100kb from bacterial or mammalian cells, and includes a built-in, simultaneous size selection function to remove fragments of DNA smaller than 10kb. 

“With DNA concentrated around the 100kb Goldilocks range of fragment lengths, our technologies help optimise the efficiency of long-read sequencing technologies. Resolving the large-structural variations within the genome is of growing importance. Long DNA fragment starting material is particularly important for long-read sequencing and essential to structurally cover the extensive repeat regions found within genomes. The 50 kit format is especially useful for high throughput genomic centres” said Dr Georgios Patsos, RevoluGen’s CSO and inventor of the technology. 

The Fire Monkey protocol extracts both DNA and RNA in just one hour. It is already being used in leading laboratories worldwide, with validation through peer reviewed publications. Users have recommended the kit for its high quality, high molecular weight DNA extraction efficiency and ease of use which makes it very suitable for preparing samples to use in all types of sequencing, particularly the long-read technologies.

With more genomics companies and academic customers looking to sequence long DNA, there is an increasing need to extract high molecular weight from samples. 

“Our Fire Monkey/Fire Flower nucleic acid isolation and purification (NAIP) technologies revolutionize the critical and mandatory first step for various downstream applications using DNA, particularly long-read sequencing processes. Quite simply, it is better, faster and simpler than the competition at extracting HMW-DNA from cells.” said RevoluGen CEO Pieter Haitsma Mulier. 

The Company’s R&D efforts are now focused on adapting Fire Monkey’s spin-column process into an automated format to satisfy the commercial need for large volume sample extraction.