21 Jun, 2020
RevoluGen Announces Positive Validation Data from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The UK genomic tools developer, RevoluGen Ltd., today announces the publication of research from Richard W. Tourdot and Cheng-Zhong Zhang, academics at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, produced using the RevoluGen’s Fire Monkey/ Fire Flower DNA extraction and size selection kit, utilising a 10x Genomics workflow.

The research, published today, describes a strategy to determine complete chromosomal haplotypes. Long-read sequencing or long-range sequencing provides an advantage for determining haplotypes over short-read sequencing by providing the long-reads necessary to reveal haplotype linkage.

The results show that DNA extracted using Fire Monkey / Fire Flower can be used for complete haplotype determination and single chromosome analysis (60x linked reads and 60x Hi-C sequencing). 

RevoluGen’s Fire Monkey/ Fire Flower kit is the only technology that allows extraction and simultaneous size selection of long-length DNA fragments, which are critical for long-read DNA sequencing.

Pieter Haitsma Mulier, CEO of RevoluGen commented “We are delighted to see the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute using our technology and this research provides further external validation of the Fire Monkey/ Fire Flower Kit and reinforces the value of our technology for long-read DNA sequencing applications.”

The full paper entitled ‘Determination of complete chromosomal haplotypes by bulk DNA sequencing’ is available online at bioRxiv