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RevoluGen has developed disruptive technology breakthroughs in the Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAIP) market with its lead products called Fire Monkey and Fire Flower. DNA is often referred to as the blueprint for life and in order to sequence the DNA code or perform any work on DNA, the first step in any laboratory is NAIP. Independent third party and internal validation has shown that the Fire Monkey product rapidly extracts DNA that is so long and pure that any subsequent sequencing yields better results than its closest competitors. To compete in this $3bn market, RevoluGen has started negotiations with potential licensing partners to market Fire Monkey and Fire Flower.


RevoluGen is the rebranded name of Moorlodge Biotech Ventures Ltd. (MBV) a company founded in 1998, by serial entrepreneur Dr Minter who had also founded Tepnel Life Sciences in 1990. In 1992 shares in Tepnel life Sciences were made available on the London Stock Exchange and Tepnel Life Sciences was sold to GenProbe Corporation in 2010 for $155 million.


RevoluGen now develops molecular laboratory tools invented by Dr. Georgios Patsos. These tools are primarily used for the extraction and purification of High Molecular Weight DNA (HMW-DNA) from cells. The lead Fire Monkey and Fire Flower tools are particularly good at extracting HMW-DNA that contains sufficient long DNA fragments to markedly improve long-read genomic sequencing.


New management was brought in during early 2016 led by Pieter Mulier (CEO) who then brought in the experience of Dr. Erling Refsum, Dr. Ann Simon and Simon Davenport QC. The Moorlodge Biotech Ventures name was changed to RevoluGen Ltd at end 2016 and a fundamental restructuring of the company was guided by Simmons & Simmons in mid 2017 with audited accounts provided by Grant Thornton. The HDL licensee was acquired for shares in August 2018 in order to simplify the corporate structure and complete the reorganisation. RevoluGen now has filed patents on the basic Fire Monkey NAIP chemistry and the Fire Flower size selection technology. RevoluGen will now focus on commercialisation of these products.

Lead product – Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey is a HMW-DNA extraction kit that, in a fairly simple procedure, using standard laboratory equipment, can within one hour, extract and purify long-fragments of DNA from mammalian and bacterial cell samples.

The two major disruptive features of Fire Monkey are that firstly, it generates average DNA fragment lengths of between 100kbp – 130kbp and secondly, it significantly reduces the amount of small DNA fragments shorter than 10kbp in the final product. This combination, where significant amounts of the DNA fragments have intact lengths of over 165,000 base pairs and up to several hundred thousands  base pairs in length, combined with the absence of most of the smaller DNA fragments, through its inbuilt size selection capability, massively improves the eventual long-read sequencing of the sample. Fire Monkey improves the N50 measure of sequencing quality by 100% and yet it takes a sixth of the time to do so compared to the main competing NAIP kits.

The Fire Monkey result is therefore much better than the present competition both in ease of use, speed and sequencing results. Both internal and external validation of the improved effect on long-read sequencing is illustrated below using N50 results as a proxy for sequencing performance.

Fire Monkey N50 results as a proxy for sequencing quality vs competition


N50 performace Fire Monkey DNA extraction

Co-lead product – Fire Flower

Fire Flower is a DNA size selection kit. Fire Flower is a laboratory process that preferentially removes a significant percentage of the unwanted shorter DNA fragments. Having less short DNA fragments in the extract increases the concentration of the longer DNA fragments. This sort of size selection clean-up process is already a standard part of the preparation steps for sequencing DNA. Fire Monkey just produces better results than the competition, is easier and simpler to perform and only uses standard laboratory equipment.

The smaller DNA fragments are unwanted for long-read sequencing because they contain little useful information compared to the longer fragments and tend to block the individual pores and cells of the long-read sequencing technologies. Having high concentrations of long DNA fragments in the sample for sequencing is important as it improves and speeds up the whole sequencing process. The Fire Flower product is compatible with any DNA extraction process and any sequencing technology.


The following schematic illustrates how much better Fire Flower is compared to the industry standard size selection process called SPI beads.  


Fire Flower increases the percentage of long fragment DNA in the sample more than SPRI beads.    

Revolugen NAIP DNA RNA Better mass
Revolugen NAIP kits Genomics 55 base pair recognition

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