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To sequence DNA/RNA, often referred to as the blueprint for life, the first step in any laboratory is Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAIP). The current market for NAIP kits is $3.0 billion per year of which QIAGEN is one of the market leaders. RevoluGen has developed disruptive technology breakthroughs in this NAIP market with its lead products called Fire Monkey and Fire Flower. Independent third party and internal validation has shown that the Fire Monkey product is twice as good as and takes a tenth of the time to perform NAIP as its closest competitor. The Fire Flower product cleans up the extracted mixture of nucleic acid molecules much better than the market leader in this field. To compete in this market, RevoluGen has started negotiations with potential licensing partners to market Fire Monkey and Fire Flower.


RevoluGen was founded in 1998 by the serial inventor and entrepreneur, Dr Stephen Minter PhD, the inventor of the home digital pregnancy test. Dr Minter has filed over seventy patents and was the founder of Tepnel Life Sciences which was sold to GenProbe Corporation in 2010 for $155 million. In 2016 a new management team, led by former Nomura’s Healthcare & Technology group, Pieter Mulier, Dr. Erling Refsum and Alex Kaye (ex-Euroconsult) joined and successfully restructured RevoluGen to the next stage whilst raising £4.0 million.

RevoluGen’s business is to conduct research into molecular technologies surrounding the building blocks of life such as DNA and RNA. Discoveries by Dr Georgios Patsos in the Hadfield laboratory led to patenting of new and improved ways of handling the NAIP and molecular clean up processes. These technology discoveries are important as these DNA and RNA molecules hold the blueprint of how to build the body and better sample preparation forms a key part of the development of a better understanding of new disease treatments and healthy cures.

RevoluGen has technologies that are genuinely ground breaking and will prove highly disruptive to the whole molecular diagnostics industry. The lead Fire Monkey product basically rapidly extracts more, much longer-fragments of intact-DNA from the nucleus of the sample cells than the competition. The second product Fire Flower effectively cleans-up the extracted nucleic acid mixture by removing a significant percentage of the smaller, unwanted DNA fragments. A follow-up technology called Fire Wolf, rapidly identifies bacteria very accurately.

Lead product – Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey is a DNA extraction kit that rapidly isolates long-fragments of intact-DNA from the nucleus of the sample cells. The Fire Monkey extracted fragments of DNA are up to three times as long as the longest fragments extracted by the established competition and are extracted in a tenth of the time by a much simpler technique.

Having pure and intact long fragments of DNA improves the accuracy of long-read DNA sequencing and fast extractions also improve laboratory capacity with minimal switching problems.

Fire Monkey’s key advantage is that it can extract DNA fragments from cells within one hour, that have significant amounts of DNA fragment with intact lengths of over 165,000 base pairs and up to 500,000 base pairs in length. This is much better than the competition and has now been validated by independent third party analysis on a FEMTO pulse® measuring device.

Fire Monkey’s main competitive advantage is that better quality input material will always optimise the output result and this is of particular importance for the growing market for long-read DNA sequencing .

Competitive analysis

The following schematic illustrates the scale of the benefit that Fire Monkey offers laboratories over the competition. Laboratory productivity is improved by speed and data accuracy is improved by the availability of long read sequences.

 NAIP market comparison –base pair length vs procedure time–
Fire Monkey yields longer DNA faster.

500k base pairs Jan 2018 NAIP Revolugen DNA

Having long DNA samples is important as it can improve the whole sequencing process. The following schematic illustrates the scale of the sequencing benefit that Fire Monkey offers laboratories over the competition. The higher the N50 figure indicates the higher the quality of the DNA sequencing result that can be derived from the sample.  

Sequencing quality based market comparison – N50  sequencing score vs procedure time–
Fire Monkey is 100% better and 6 times faster 


Revolugen NAIP faster DNA RNA

Fire Flower is RevoluGen’s second product

The Fire Flower technology  is a laboratory process for  effectively cleaning-up the extracted nucleic acid mixture by removing a significant percentage of the smaller, unwanted DNA fragments. These smaller DNA fragments contain little useful information compared to the longer fragments and tend to block the sequencing technologies. Cleaning-up the DNA sample by removing the small fragments improves the overall quality of the sequencing result and has become a standard part of the preparation steps for sequencing DNA.


Competitive analysis

Having high concentrations of long DNA fragments in the sample for sequencing is important as it improves and speeds up the whole sequencing process. The following schematic illustrates how much better Fire Flower is compared to the industry standard process called SPI beads.  


Clean-up small fragment comparison – Fire Flower vs SPRI beads –
Fire Flower increases the percentage of long fragment DNA in the sample more than SPRI beads.    

Revolugen NAIP DNA RNA Better mass

Fire Wolf is RevoluGen’s third product

The Fire Wolf technology is a platform for bacterial diagnosis. Fire Wolf is a chemistry test that can be designed for the accurate identification of any individual bacteria using its international standard 16S ribosomal RNA sequence. The Fire Wolf test is fast, as it completes within a half hour, is highly accurate, as it can spot a single base pair difference between bacteria and is cost effective, as each test can be multiplexed to do many tests at the same time all in the same test tube. These features all combine to provide opportunities to generate panels of tests for whole groups of bacteria in the $2.2bn molecular diagnostics market. Fire Wolf may also eventually challenge many parts of the $17bn global infectious disease testing market. The initial target for Fire Wolf is to develop the world’s first test panel able to diagnose all the bacterial species within the whole Neisseria genus of bacteria.

Strategy for RevoluGen

Our strategic plan is relatively simple, the lead products are to be out-licensed. The Fire Monkey product will probably at least reach the market via one global distributor within the year. RevoluGen has a Low cap-ex / Low op-ex commercialisation model that will utilise the established networks of manufacturing, marketing and distribution partners so that RevoluGen can concentrate on its R&D expertise.

Revolugen NAIP kits Genomics 55 base pair recognition

Fire Monkey

Fire Monkey is RevoluGen’s superior Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAIP)  kit. Reading the genetic code perfectly requires long strands of DNA as starting material. The purer and longer the DNA we can extract from cells, the faster we can revolutionize rapid molecular diagnostics to combat disease.



Fire Wolf

Fire Wolf is RevoluGen’s rapid and highly accurate platform for identifying bacteria. Fire Wolf reads down to a single base pair difference between bacterial 16S sequences and lends itself to being easily multiplexed. Each bacterial test version of Fire Wolf can be designed starting from just a digital sequence.