RevoluGen’s funding round will deliver a market leading DNA extraction kit to the Genomics market.


RevoluGen is a private molecular diagnostics company based in Derbyshire that has just completed a funding round supported by its shareholders and Hawkwood Capital. This funding will enable RevoluGen to bring its lead product, Fire Monkey, to market. 


Fire Monkey extracts longer fragments of DNA from cells than its nearest competition in the familiar spin- column format. Independent validation has shown that Fire Monkey can extract significant amounts of genomic DNA with intact lengths of between 165,000 and 500,000 base pairs in length. These DNA fragments are up to ten times longer than the competing rapid spin-column kits. 


RevoluGen is now talking to potential licensing partners that can distribute Fire Monkey globally. 


Comparison of NAIP kits in terms of laboratory time and lengths of the intact DNA fragments obtained.


500k base pairs Feb 2018 NAIP Revolugen DNA

RevoluGen’s scientist Dr Georgios Patsos commented, “Genomics is all about how good starting material

gives better results. Good inputs make for good outputs. RevoluGen has a superior Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAIP) technology kit called Fire Monkey. Reading the genetic code perfectly requires long strands of DNA as starting material. The purer and longer the DNA researchers can extract from cells, the more accurate is the genomic information gained. This will prove to be a big step forward in understanding for cancer diagnostics and in other complex genomic situations.”  


RevoluGen’s CEO, Pieter Mulier said “The NAIP market is a $2.7bn a year market growing at 8% p.a. where, up to now, the lengths of the extracted DNA fragments used has suffered because laboratories have valued speed and ease of use more highly than intact DNA lengths. Fire Monkey changes this dynamic completely as it offers long intact DNA extraction in the well-known, fast and simple spin-column format.




Contact details Dr Erling Refsum Company Secretary to RevoluGen on +44 (0)7920 517142

RevoluGen will deliver leading DNA extraction kit to market