RevoluGen’s lead product is called Fire Monkey

RevoluGen is ready to launch its fully developed nucleic acid purification device and technology: High Yield, Superior Purity and Market Beating DNA Integrity Numbers.

Fire Monkey is a simple patented matrix and buffer system that allows rapid purification of virtually any type of nucleic acid.

Independently Validated in both a leading European molecular diagnostics lab and by a world-renowned independent, science-based service company providing chemical, biochemical and DNA based analysis.

Revolugen NAIP kits Fire Monkey

The gentle chemistry of the Fire Monkey kit can extract either total nucleic acids, pure DNA or pure RNA. Different protocols have been optimised for various starting materials and desired end products. At present, protocols for white cells, bacterial cells and urine have been optimised. Protocols for extraction of plant DNA have been shown to work and whole blood and solid tissue versions are under development.    

 The Fire Monkey Kit

RevoluGen---Fire-Monkey-NAIP DNA-extraction-kit-2
Fire Monkey NAIP kit by RevoluGen

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This is the femtopulse analysis of the Fire Monkey output showing the bulk of the output of extracted DNA fragment have intact lengths more than 165,000 base pairs in length. Other modes of estimating lengths of DNA fragments do not differentiate very distinctly between lengths in this range.

DNA extraction, purification at Revolugen

This scanning electron micrograph picture of the DNA extracted by Fire Monkey was produced using a novel staining method from Warwick University. The picture gives a qualitative idea of the intact DNA length Fire Monkey produces.

 Competitive analysis

500k base pairs Feb 2018 NAIP Revolugen DNA

The above chart illustrates the speed and length advantages that Fire Monkey has over the competition.

 Competitive advantages

Revolugen Fire Monkey NAIP technology 16S RNA / DNA

This slide illustrates the key competitive advantages of the Fire Monkey product; Fire Monkey is fast, produces longer intact DNA, yields high purity nucleic acids and has a flexible output and is less toxic to laboratory staff in use .

Revolugen NAIP kits - Fire Monkey